Episode 10

Episode 10
Late Night antics!

Emily was strolling along the beach. The stars were barely visible amidst the sheer lighting of Hollywood’s landscape. The waves were far out in the distance and she settled on the still warm sand and looked out across the beach. it stretched for miles. A sigh escaped her. Why did she feel so bad? Picking up her cell phone, she reread the message Cory had sent her. Was he the reason she felt so low today? Mondays bothered anyone but that Monday had been a total wash out for Emily. Had it been his lack of presence in the office that she had taken for granted for so long that had kept her in the Monday blues all day long? Maybe the weekend’s revelations had finally dawned on her but as she sat, staring out into the falling night, Emily wondered what the hell she could do about it? Cory had liked her for a long time but for her to turn around and tell him now that she liked him would be majorly hypocritical. She lay her head onto her hands and listened to the sounds of the busy street behind her, and the crashing waves in the distance. Emily felt so alone. Caitlin would probably have some words of wisdom but she was off with some guy. Emily envied her at that moment, in the presence of someone she wanted to be and happy about it. Lying on her back she looked up into the dusk sky and sighed deeply. A great sadness filled her body. It felt like a dead weight in her stomach and a ball of emotion lay in her throat. Emily didn’t know why she suddenly liked Cory and was frustrated thinking that he probably had given up on her months or even years ago. She held her phone to her face and stared at the text he had sent her. He’d be back tomorrow, that was something to look forward to right? Maybe! She thought dismally as the phone lit up and a text came through.
‘1 new msg from Caitlin’
‘Hope ur OK hon, got lots to tell you when I get home! love ya! xxx’
At least someone did, Emily thought almost angrily as she put the phone back in her purse. REmaining still for a few more moments, Emily considered going home and then a flush of anger rose inside of her again. Who the hell was that girl with Kiara and who did she think she was going into their house criticising her friends? And lexie! She was angry with Lexie. Hypocrisy was not something Emily could condone easily, even with her self, but Lexie had only bitched two nights ago about Kiara’s displays of public affection and yet she had just committed the same crime. Emily doubted she’d apologise for it either. She felt like screaming and instead allowed the angry and sorrowful tears to cascade down her pale cheeks. The sounds of her sobs were lost, as she was, amidst the LA traffic and the crashing waves.

Caitlin placed her cell phone back into her purse as Jay returned with drinks for them both. They were sitting outside a bar on Hollywood Boulevard and had had a good night so far.
“Texting your other man?” He joked, placing the glass of melabu and pineapple in front of her. She heard the sound and felt for the drink to locate it. smiling, as he took a seat, she took in the LA evening.
“If Emily’s a guy, then yeah,” She laughed gently as he felt a sense of relief. He liked her a whole lot. she didn’t seem the type to be into more than one guy at a time but you never could tell, right? “I’m a little worried about her,” Caitlin explained. she felt comfortable telling him things that she would never normally discuss with a guy. “She decided she likes a guy she works with.” Caitlin sipped her drink thoughtfully as a group of girls giggled behind her. JC would normally have been checking them out but Caitlin captivated him in ways other girls had never done before. He touched her hand gently.
“I’m sure she’ll be OK.” He had learnt from a young age that you told women what you thought they wanted to hear, it was less hassle that way. It had worked with his grandmother when she had told him not to run the streets and he told her he wouldn’t, of course he did. He had always done things he’d wanted to despite what the consequences may be. He took her in for a moment as she sat, her blue eyes misty with thoughtfulness and a spark ignited inside him. He’d never felt anything but sexual attraction toward a girl before but Caitlin wasn’t just a girl, she was a woman with ambitions and desires with a great job and prospects. She wasn’t like the hoodrats he’d hung around for most of his life. watching her made him think of something then, a future. something he’d rarely thought about during his life time but one that actually seemed reachable let alone in existence for him. He knew there was more to him than running the streets and hanging with his friends but until meeting Caitlin, he had never really perceived that he would have a future of his own.

“You’re right!” She broke his thoughts up and he looked to her and she was smiling. “I’ll deal with em later. Right now, I’m enjoying being with you!” And she meant it more than she even knew at that moment. “Thanks for the drink too, Jay,” She played with a strand of hair. His kisses were so sweet, yet they’d never really been alone for long. ‘Caitlin, stop rushing it! Let things happen naturally for once!’ she scolded herself as he smiled at her warmly.
“Your welcome and I’m glad you’re enjoying tonight,” He moved to sit comfortably in his chair, stretching his long legs out and making sure his gun was securely strapped to his side. “Hey, maybe this weekend you can come to my place? I kind of got the impression it can get war like in your house.” He joked gently but was nervous asking her if she wanted to go to Compton. He knew she had lived and gone to high school in Carson but that was a suburb in comparison to Compton.
“That sounds like fun,” Caitlin grinned at him. “But you have to come to our barbecue this weekend too,” she encouraged. “I mean, we have to have one. It’s like the law when you move into a new house, isn’t it?”
Laughing at her fun loving personality, JC couldn’t imagine ever refusing her.
“I’d love too,” He took her hand and watched her for a minute as she sipped elegantly from the glass. “Caitlin, whether you think you are or not a very classy girl, you are! No one would ever guess you came from a working class family watching you.”

A flutter stirred in her stomach as he complimented her. She normally didn’t take compliments well at all but coming from him they meant so much somehow. “Thank you,” she cleared her throat and gave his hand a squeeze. “I worked for what i got Jay, I’m who I am today because i busted my ass and refused to settle for second best.” Those words hit him so hard as the sounds of the people around them filled the night’s air.
“I know you’re right,” conviction was evident in his silken tones. “You inspire me in so many ways, Caitlin. I can’t even begin to tell you how much right now. but one day, I’ll show you!” and they both laughed.

“When did we get all philosophical?” she laughed hard and he laughed too but they both knew that the words they’d exchanged had meant a whole lot to each of them.
“i don’t know, but let’s get silly, ice-cream?” he asked and she nodded happily as he stood and she collected callie’s lead and harness and the three of them walked toward the nearest ice cream place, hand in hand.

Lexie woke in a hot sweat. Dan was lay beside her, gazing at her like a dog to a piece of meat. suddenly Alexia realised the mistake she had just made. sighing as he attempted to excite her again, Lexie tried to think fast. No one would help her. No one was home. she hadn’t seen anyone in the living room; not that she was looking for any of her roommates. Lexie stood abruptly.
“Where you going, Lex?” Dan was suddenly like a bad piece of fruit, looked tempting but was extremely bad for you.
“You have to go, my roommates will be home soon,” Lexie lied, pulling her hoodie on and a pair of clean dickkies.
“They already were home, babe,” He crooned, lighting a cigarette and opening the window, shirt off, no boxers, nothing.
“What?” Lexie looked shocked as she tied up her red hair. “What do you mean?”
‘A girl was in the living room when we came in,” he told her nonchalantly puffing on his cigarette.
“Shit!” Lexie hoped to god it wasn’t Kiara. A lecture about hypocrisy was all she needed to piss her off. What had she been thinking? He was married. she stared at him, her stomach knotting and her throat dry. The sex was fun but it meant nothing. But why had she done it? Was it because he’d been showing her attention recently. Lexie decided it was best not to start analysing her messed up behaviour and lit a cigarette herself. Taking deep drags she strained to hear voices but heard nothing.
“You were clearly enjoying that,” Dan said, a stupid grin on his fake tanned face. Lexie wanted to smack him in the mouth. The urge was so great she had to puff harder on her cigarette to stop herself. “so we having another sesh?” He asked and Lexie grinned at him mischievously.
“Sure,” a cunning smile crept onto her lips and a glint was apparent in her green eyes. dan however had not noticed the glint or the grin. He was smirking like a boy who’d just had all of his birthday and christmas presents at once.” I’ll go and run the bath. That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?” She cooned seductively.
“O yeah!” He quivered with excitement. A girl who liked to do new and fun things, just what he liked. He sucked on the cigarette as she left the room, gently closing the door behind her. Walking out to the living room, she saw no one was there. Sighing heavily, she took a seat and waited for him to get impatient. If she knew men well enough, they usually did. She was not having any man treat her like a piece of meat and that was exactly what Dan was doing. She put the TV on low and watched the news calmly waiting for someone to come home.

Kiara and Jasmine were laying by the pool in the darkness. The only lights were from down town and from within the house.
“Isn’t it peaceful?” Kiara said gently, in a voice she hardly recognised as being her own. Jasmine nodded, taking in the stillness of the night. The street was quiet and the only sounds they could hear were the odd person talking and the crickets. The soft chirping made the Californian night seem so tranquil. The air was warm and light now and both girls lay in their own thoughts, mainly about each other. Kiara’s eyes kept wandering to Jasmine’s beautiful figure and she couldn’t believe she was having these feelings for a girl. And so what, right? She knew, being a psychology student that it didn’t matter who she was, as long as she was happy and comfortable with it. Was she comfortable though? That question kept haunting her. She thought she was but every time she wondered what others would think or say, a awkward feeling would envelop her. Kiara knew she had a lot of contemplation to do over the next few days and although it scared her, she could not ignore these feelings.
“When did you know?” Kiara gulped as she braved the question she’d been so curious to ask Jasmine since that weekend.
“That I was gay?” Jasmine asked light heartedly. It didn’t concern her discussing her sexuality and she knew Kiara needed to talk about it. she was analytical like most social science students and the fact that she hadn’t asked before that moment had only confirmed to Jasmine that Kiara did not have very good friends around her. She didn’t like the girls she had encountered and that Caitlin girl sounded as bad, if not worse than the others. “I was seventeen and at a friend’s party with a boy actually. I never got why girls were so into guys then. You know how they flock around the stars of the football and basketball teams and all that stuff?” she propped herself up on the lounger and looked at Kiara’s eager face. “we ended up playing spin the bottle and I ended up kissing a girl and I liked it!” Kiara smiled broadly.
“Do you think that’s all there is to it?” She asked naively. Her young ideals were being tested and she was uncertain of so much, including her own ability to judge, especially herself.
“Being comfortable with it helps of course,” jasmine explained gently. “But if you still like guys in the sexual way then that’s cool too, just means you like both. But if a guy doesn’t turn you on like a girl does, then honey, you are definitely gay.” she laughed a sexy laugh as she licked her lips suggestively.
“Do your parents know?” Kiara was panicking about her mother now. As much as she liked to denounce her family’s existence, her mother would never be in that same category. What would Linda think?
“Yeah, they didn’t like it at first but they’ve had seven years to deal with it. My mum thinks it is wonderful now,” She laughed. “She says there’s not much I can’t do with my life what with adoption more open and all that stuff. But I found if I was honest with them, it made life easier once I knew for sure myself.” She looked at Kiara sympathetically, knowing what she was going through too well.

Kiara twirled a braid and considered what Jasmine had said. “I know you’re right but telling my mom is the last thing on my mind right now.”
“So wait until you know for sure, or even if you get into a relationship! Nothing’s certain but taxes and death in this life, Kiara,” Jasmine spoke wisely and Kiara nodded agreeably.
“Want to go inside?” She stood, feeling tired.
“I better go, final in the morning,” Jasmine collected their glasses and both girls left the comfort of the warm night with the moon hanging high in the Los Angeles sky and entered the coolness and dimly lit house. Lexie stared at them and shook her head. Jasmine opened her mouth to speak but Kiara put a reassuring hand on her arm.
“leave it,” She whispered. “Come on, I’ll walk you out!” And both girls shared a warm embrace at the door while Lexie purposefully looked away.

“Thanks for today,” Kiara smiled, a burning urge to kiss Jasmine but she resisted and settled for a hug. Jasmine’s chocolate eyes grinned playfully at her. “Good luck for the final tomorrow. And We should do dinner tomorrow. Then maybe study together Wednesday?” she suggested and Kiara contemplated.
“I’d love that,” she beamed, feeling in some ways that the void she had felt was slowly filling with a Jasmine shaped figure. Sharing glances, Jasmine opened the door and headed out into the night, feeling happy and warm as did Kiara who watched her walk into the darkness. Sighing gently, she returned to her room, settling for the night. She didn’t notice the naked man laying on Lexie’s bed through Lexie’s now open door.

Snuggling down in JC’s car, Caitlin was glad she had taken him up on their date.
“Thanks for tonight,” she spoke, stroking callie’s head who was wearily resting it on Caitlin’s lap.
“You’re more than welcome,” He replied, keeping his eyes on the road and happy to have her with him.
“Wanna come in for a drink?” She asked him hopefully. As they pulled up to a stop light, he turned and looked at her.
“I’d love to,” He said in a sexy tone and she felt the butterflies soar and fall through her stomach randomly.

As they pulled up to the house, callie stood, ready to go to the bathroom and snuggle down in her bed. Caitlin grinned as they walked up the path, and as she entered, Lexie turned and smiled.
“Hey,” She called.
“Sup?” JC called as Caitlin removed her shoes and Callie’s harness.
“You guys have a good night?” She asked, laying calmly on the couch.
“Yeah, we did,” Caitlin walked to the kitchen and JC followed. “Coffee?” She turned to him.
“I’ll do it,” He offered, making to take the coffee maker from her.
“I’m fine,” She smiled independently and proceeded to make them both a cup. “You want one Lex?”
“Nah,” She said, listening to see if dan was coming or not.

“Hey guys,” Emily walked into the house, her smile painted on her face.
“You get my text Em?” Caitlin asked, handing a bemused JC a cup of fresh coffee.
“You’re amazing,” He complimented and she merely shrugged it off. He had only that day told her Callie was great how she knew where she was going and Caitlin quickly pointed out that Callie only did what Caitlin told her too. They had laughed about it but JC was constantly impressed by this girl’s ability and want to do things for herself.
“Thanks,” He said gratefully, taking a seat at the breakfast bar. She sat opposite him as Emily poured herself some water.
“Yeah, I did, cait.” Emily hadn’t spoken to Lexie, in fear of exploding at her and not wanting to cause trouble while they had a guest again. Small talk continued for a while before Caitlin sensed the growing atmosphere.
“Jay, let’s go and chill,” She took him down the hall to her room with Callie in close pursuit. As Jc passed the open door, he glimpsed a guy, totally naked lying on a bed, snoring away unaware of his exposure. Once in Caitlin’s room, he pulled her to him, in hysterical giggles.
“What’s wrong with you?” She stared uncertainly at her.
“Who’s the guy on the bed?” Caitlin widened her eyes. It must have been in Lexie’s room because they didn’t pass Kiara’s to get to Caitlin’s and Emily had just come in. Caitlin had remembered her door being shut too. Her ocean blue eyes stared and she busted into fits of giggles and they collapsed laughing onto the bed.
“I have no idea, someone Lexie knows, i assume,” And lying in her presence, JC knew he wanted to be around her for a long time. He petted the golden haired dog and held the girl’s hand with a sense of hope he’d never felt before.

Emily glared at Lexie as she sat nonchalantly in front of the TV.
“No sorry then?” She asked, relieved Caitlin had got the picture that there was a new fight about to happen.
“For what?” Lexie didn’t know the girl in the living room was Emily.
“For virtually having foreplay in our living room after everything you said the other night?” Emily replied sternly. “Lex, that was so hypo…”
But she couldn’t finish because Lexie smirked at her and said. “I know and I don’t wanna hear it! Wanna help me embarrass the asshole?” Emily stared incredulously at her friend for a moment and then nodded. She could do with a laugh.

“What do you have planned?” she asked, moving to sit beside Lexie.
“well, I’ll lure him out and then you can see him starkers, he’ll try and run back, we’ll make enough noise, Caitlin will be a nosy bitch and come see, followed by JC who will also see him, hence embarrassment.” This had worked out perfectly for Alexia and she hoped it’d work.
“OK, do it!” Emily said, laying back, waiting for the plan to fall into place.

Lexie cleared her throat and said loudly and seductively.
“O Danny boy? Come and see what I’ve got for us?” She heard movement and moments later a tall white guy was standing in the living room, completely naked.
“What’s that then, sugar?” He asked in a sickening voice and Emily snorted. He was so corny, Lexie’s usual brand for sure. He spotted Emily and Lexie jumped like lightning from the couch and put her arms around him, giggling furiously.
“O where do you think you’re going?” she called louder still as Emily cracked up with laughter. fat tears rolled down her cheeks and as Lexie predicted, Caitlin came running.
“What’s going on?” She asked lively as JC followed and clapped his hand to his mouth.
“Man dude, most guys who have something to brag about just say shit, not show it!” He laughed. Dan’s face turned scarlet.
“What the fuck is going on?” He yelled.
“He ain’t got nothing to brag about,” Emily laughed heartily. “I’ve seen it!” Dan was trying to cover his manhood with his hands as JC retorted back.
“Well, em, I can’t say I’m looking anywhere below the nipples and that’s disturbing enough!” Caitlin had got the picture and was leaning against the wall, tears of laughter rolling down her cheeks. Kiara ventured out to tell them to shut up and her face turned scarlet. Her dark skin suddenly became the deepest shade of red and she turned and fled to her room, slamming the door hard. That sent Caitlin, Emily, JC and Lexie into more fits and Lexie’s grip finally loosened and Dan ran into her room, hastily dressing. He ran from the house so fast, he forgot his cell phone. All four of them collapsed, still giggling on to the couches.

“Why did you do such a thing?” JC asked curiously as he wiped a eye, brimming with hysterical tears.
“Because he was treating me like a piece of meat,” She said proudly.
“Good for you!” Caitlin said proud of her friend.
“Remind me to never be an asshole to you, I don’t wanna fuck with you girls!” JC said still amused by that night’s events. They settled down, occasionally breaking into laughter but reducing the noise considerably. No one wanted Kiara to come from her room again that night and in truth, Kiara didn’t want to leave.

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