Episode 8

Episode 8 Midnight Make Ups!

Lexie drove back to the house around eleven thirty and decided she was too tired to cook and so stopped off at her favorite take out place and got some chinese food. Getting back into her truck, she lit a cigarette and sighed heavily. She hated arguing with them and yet she was very moralistic. If they were in the wrong, they would have to apologize. she had felt so pushed out by Caitlin and Emily the past few months and sighing again, blowing a smoke ring and turning into her street, she wondered if they’d all be OK. It had been stressful since they had got the house together but she loved the independence. To grow up meant everything to Lexie and yet it seemed so difficult to do at the same time. she sometimes felt like a child who needed her mom again but her mom had been dead a long time now and she had in truth been grown up a whole lot since her passing. Losing her mom at seven had taken its toll on Lexie, whether she liked to admit it or not. her brother Jacob lived in new York and until Lexie had moved in with her friends, her dad seemingly smothered her. He loved to bestow gifts on her and did all the laundry, cooking and cleaning. Lexie hated it but her dad always felt as though he had to compensate for her losing her mother so young.

stepping out of the truck, lexie slammed the door, locked the car and headed down the path to the house. She prayed no one was there.

Emily was still typing furiously when the door opened around eleven-forty. She turned and saw Alexia and smiled warmly. “Lex, look, I’m sorry,” Emily said, standing and walking toward her. Reaching out to Alexia, Emily wrapped her arms around her friend. “Me too,” Lexie said, feeling a tear in her green eyes. “Why were we fighting? you, me, Caitlin, we’re friends.” “Yeah,” Emily said, half wanting to add Kiara but also not wanting to upset her friend. “Want some chinese?” Lexie was one of the kindest girls emily had ever encountered and she felt so guilty about saying shit to her now. Shaking her head, she returned to her mac. “I have to get on with this for a little longer,” Emily said as she took up tapping away at the keyboard again. Her dark hair glimmered in the darkened living room as Lexie turned on the kitchen light, ready to dish out her food onto plates. “Where’s Caitlin?” Lexie asked, wanting to see her other best friend. “In her room, moping about something,” Emily said honestly. “She reads way too much into stuff that girl!” “Yeah,” Lexie smiled as she looked over at Emily. “And I bet its over that stupid guy! You know what she’s like? Always going after the wrong ones who use her for a bit and then drop her.” “But she’ll be OK,” Emily replied as she stared hard at the screen, willing the figures to jump into place by themselves. “She has us!” “That’s true,” Lexie returned to the living room and sat down, switching the TV on. Munching away, she was relieved Emily had apologized to her first. Lexie hated to be the first to say sorry, her pride was so deep. The two girls were lost in their own thoughts, Emily with her spread sheets and lexie with the stupid man on the television.

Caitlin was rapidly instant messaging online with some friends when her phone rang. She heard her phone say, “JC calling,” And stared in disbelief. All afternoon she had convinced herself that he wouldn’t call and that his text message that morning had meant he didn’t like her but was too nice of a person to just ditch her cold heartedly.

“Hello?” She tried to not show her excitement about his call, thinking it may be a mistake and he hadn’t wanted to call her at all. “Hey, sexy girl,” He crooned in a sexy tone. “What chu up too, ma?” “Erm, well,” She relaxed and put the computer down a second, leaning back against the wall and smiling broadly. ‘Not much,. I walked with callie on the beach this morning but besides that, just been chilling out.” ‘waiting for his phone call,’ she thought in her head and he called! She was amazed. “A pretty girl like you wasn’t out in Hollywood?” He laughed gently, wishing he could have seen her that day. She was so beautiful and so funny and completely different to any girl he had ever met before. “Well, my roommates are still arguing,” She said quietly and with along sigh, she took a risky chance. “What have you been up too?”She hoped he wouldn’t say, hanging with my girlfriend. “Had some business to take care of,” He said in a tone that warned her not to proceed down that path of questioning. She was a little uncertain of that tone and wasn’t sure what to think. She knew what he had told her the other night but it was so hard to remember he was in a gang. What did “taking care of business” exactly mean, she thought. She had no idea whether it meant drug dealing, killing someone or anything and part of her didn’t want to know. “That’s cool,” she said quietly and he picked up on her fear. “The less I tell you, the less you’re in danger, caitlin,” He didn’t want her to be a part of that world. It was no place for her to be. Jc had known for a long time that if he found a girl outside of the hood that he would never take her to the world that he lived and worked in. He wasn’t sure where this was going with them but he hoped it wouldn’t just be a weekend affair.

Smiling, fingering the keyboard that she lovingly typed on, Caitlin wondered when she would see him again. She was a little afraid to ask, in case she came over a little too strong but she really wished she knew. “I see, it’s fine,” she told him as she lifted her mac back onto her lap and changed her status. “Are you doing good, though?” she wondered out loud. “Me, baby girl, I’m doing awesome! So, can I whisk you away for dinner tomorrow night or are you majorly busy?” He knew she was a business woman and that she was a professional through and through but he wanted to see her and knew it was too late for her to be entertaining him. He wouldn’t be asleep for hours and yet he knew she’d be up just as he was crashing out. “Tomorrow works fine,” she beamed and felt the butterflies flutter immensely in her tummy. “I finish work around six tomorrow though, will a late dinner be OK?” She really hoped it would. “No problemmo, baby girl,” He said, satisfied with that arrangement. “I’ll pick you up around seven thirty and we can shoot somewhere for dinner.” He’d been paid pretty good that day so wasn’t concerned if she wanted to eat somewhere good the next day. “Cool,” She grinned and within five minutes was dashing into the living room, bursting with her news for Emily.

“Guess who called?” Caitlin flew into the living room, followed by a sleepy Callie who took a moment to stretch as she padded behind a very excited Caitlin. “JC,” Emily guessed, not even looking up from the computer. “That guy,” Lexie mumbled through a mouthful of chinese while her eyes remained fixed on the TV. “Yeah, JC called,” She smiled broadly and perched beside Lexie. “Hey Lex. YoU Ok?” “hm,” Lexie was distracted by the TV and that meant she was fine. Caitlin grinned and turned to Emily. “He’s coming up tomorrow night for some dinner.” “No need to worry then, was there?” Emily laughed gently, turning to look at Caitlin’s happy, relaxed face. “who was worried?” Caitlin grinned at her. “You were,” Emily retorted and stood and walked to the kitchen. “I think some chocolate cake is in order.” She opened the fridge and pulled out a delicious looking chocolate cake with lots of chocolate flakes on the top. ‘Yes, chocolate cake!” caitlin walked to the kitchen. “Has to go with milk or hot chocolate. Lex, what you having?” “Ooo, I’ll have a hot chocolate.” She laughed, feeling good that they were all talking again. In Lexie’s mind, everything was back to normal. The three of them were friends and no Kiara around to mess that up.

“I’m going to see if Kiara wants some cake,” Emily announced as she placed the knife on the silver topped counter with a clatter. “Is that a good idea?” caitlin asked in an undertone. “I mean, how things were last night?” Caitlin could often be selfish and she was tired and did not want to have to come in the middle of another fight. “She’s our roommate,” Emily said. “No matter what.” And with a swift walk from the kitchen, Emily went to the hallway and knocked on Kiara’s door.

“Kiara, do you want some chocolate cake?” “No, thanks,” a voice came from within. “I’m about to go to bed. I have a final at nine. So goodnight, Emily”. She sounded normal and Emily sighed, relieved that she was not upset. Returning to the kitchen, emily plated up a piece of cake for each of them as Caitlin poured boiling water into three cups of hot chocolate and placed marsh mellows carefully on top. Taking one cup at a time, holding the handle in one hand, and covering the top to prevent spillage, she walked from the kitchen area to the living room and placed the cup on the table in front of Lexie. “Thanks, caitlin,” She grinned, taking her plate and fork to the kitchen and placing them in the sink and running some water over them. Emily turned and handed her a piece of cake and all three girls sat on the couch, eating cake, drinking hot chocolate and smiling at the thought of being friends again.

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