Argos, what a joke?

OK, just ranting. but just bought a new ipod nano g4 case for my ipod nano g4. Yeah, simple you might think. first off, they tried to give me the version for nano 3g and i’m like no, I wanted the fourth generation one. They exchanged it no prob, I get it home and for £14.69, I get a leather sleeve, an opening for my headphones and a cool little pully thing that you pull to get your ipod out right? Great you might think. But wait a sec, did anyone think about how you can listen to your music without getting to your rotator wheel? Obviously not because the wheel is not accessible through the leather casing. Great for protecting your screen and ipod from damage, not so great for listening to your music. And they obviously think you can because the head phones easily fit into the ipod from the case but no way of playing your music, let alone controlling it.

Great job Argos, for ripping me off. Wish I’d spent an extra fiver and got the apple’s trade mark case instead. silly me for trying to be cheap and stupid manufactorures making products that makes my ipod completely useless while being protected!

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