Whatta gwon?

Lol. that’s how I’ve been feeling for a long time now. What the hell is going on with me, my life and the choices I’m making? Anyways, thankfully, I changed the stupid contraceptive pill and now the world seems clearer on so many levels.

It’s like I’m seeing through clear water now and not a murky mist. i’m definite on what I want to do with my writing, keep pursuing it as far as I can. Hopefully will start volunteering soon, got the application in and references have been sent now. So fingers tightly crossed. I want to move to Birmingham and know that I also want a career and fun. Life’s too short and I’ve been in a rutt for far too long. I want Aaron in my life and we’ve both had a good talk so things feel better all around.

Just gotta keep on doing what I do best, surviving!

Had a good weekend and hopefully will have a good week. Take things as they come, no use in worrying over shit that might never happen. And when the problems should arise, deal with them then.
lots of hugs
have a good week

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