Episode 6

Episode 6
LA Skyline

Fantasy is highly connected with Los Angeles and at night time, anyone can tell why. The hundreds of thousands of lights make the city glow like a huge Christmas decoration. The glitz and glamour don’t just come from what the stars are wearing, buildings, streets, water features, the piers all light up for all to see.

As the skies grew redder, and the oceans begin to darken beneath the sun-setting skies, lights all around the city light up to give its visitors and residence the best show on earth.

Caitlin and JC were walking along Santa Monica pier, Callie happily working in the cooling hours. They stopped off at a small Italian restaurant and JC ordered them a bottle of wine. Callie lapped happily from a bowl of cool water as Caitlin took in the sounds of the hundreds of people chatting around them and the distant waves lapping below. The air was warm and JC watched as the sun plummeted below the horizon. smiling, he turned to Caitlin and took her hand. This was an entirely different world from the one he knew. Back home, he would have never taken a girl out to eat. Buying her a hot-dog or Mickey D’s and not long after fucking her was usually his style at home. But Caitlin was different. She was smart, pretty, intelligent and had a lot of self respect. She wouldn’t have gone near him if he’d acted that way. And in truth, he liked this. Taking a girl out, getting to know her, without her falling at his feet just because he had a reputation around the neighbourhood. Caitlin hadn’t judged him and was giving him a chance off his own merit and that felt good to him. In some ways, Los Angeles was making him see that gang life, and fucking hoes and doing deals was not what life was all about. It gave him hope for the future and the inspiration to go for his dreams. He loved music and thrived on it. Most of his friends said how he could make it as a rapper but JC was not that confident. He’d graduated high school and had achieved a 3.8 GPA, while most of his friends just scraped through their diplomas. Despite being from a harsh reality, his grandmother always promoted learning and bettering yourself. She often told him as a child, aim beyond the stars, because if you only aim for the trees, that’s as far as you’ll ever go, but aim for those stars, and the universe is yours.

“What?” Caitlin noticed his thoughtfulness and wondered what he was thinking. She liked his gentle attitude and his ability to make her laugh. He was in short, everything she wanted in a guy. Unlike many times before though, she was determined to take this one as it came rather than rush in feet first.

“I’m just enjoying this,” He told her in his silken tones. His light brown eyes danced with happiness and his hand touched hers again. He hoped that this wouldn’t end but he knew it would. Once he ran out of money to travel into the city, they would not be able to hang out and have fun. Caitlin sensed his mood and grinned at him.
“If you want something bad enough, it’s worth working for!” her sorority had taught her that profoundly in college. And she stood by that notion whole heartedly.
“I know what you’re sayin’,” He smiled as the waiter brought some bread for them. “But do you ever feel like you want something but it’s apparent that the path to get there is blocked somehow.”
“Very poetic,” She grinned at him, impressed how articulate he was. “I know what you mean.” Sighing, she took his hand tightly in hers. “Jay, I had obstacles to overcome, but i made it. I’m well paid, I enjoy my job, and I fought for it. I know it sounds cliched,” She smiled at him broadly as she paused. “But where there is a will, there is always a way. Even if it isn’t always clear where that path opens, it will, even if you don’t realise it”.
“Do you believe in fate?” JC asked pensively. Pausing to think Caitlin took a sip of her wine and licked her lips thoughtfully.
“Yes, Yes I do,” She replied and he grinned. His heart danced when she smiled and this night was perfect! Mainly because of the beautiful setting and the feelings that Los Angeles gave him, but also because he was in her company. She made him feel somewhat invincible.

Sitting in the office at the stables, Lexie sipped from a giant coffee cup. Dan stirred another cup for himself and then took a seat opposite her. His smile was warm and so unlike his father’s. Lexie remembered his mother from when she had first done work experience there six years before. Kate, as she was called, was a smiley, happy horsewoman, who loved her horses and who appreciated her staff. she had a gentle face and kind eyes like her son’s. Dan was completely like his mother both in his appearance and his nature. He had been studying business at Cambridge in England and Alexia had only got to know him in the last few months. And what she knew, she liked. The only draw back was his wife.

“How long do you think it’ll take Blackmist to get back to his usual racing abilities?” Dan asked, professionally as Lexie glanced down at her cup self consciously. She fancied Dan and always found it hard to be around him without flirting shamelessly.
“I’d say at least two weeks,” Lexie responded shyly. “He will need to only have light exercise for the next few days and then we can hopefully proceed, given the vet’s approval to increase his exercise. I know that’s not the answer you were hoping for.” She added sadly, not wanting to disappoint him.
“Whatever it takes,” Dan’s smile lit up the dingy office. The old man never cleaned in here and most of the staff preferred to use the bridal room for their breaks on account of its contrasting cleanliness. “I know my dad won’t wanna hear that but as long as the horse is OK, that’s all that matters.” She smiled as he spoke, reminding her of his mother so very much.
“What are you smiling about?” He asked her gently, grinning like a boy. He was two years her senior but had known her from when she was an intern during her freshman year at college. She was attractive and very good with the horses, everything they needed their staff to be, but Dan knew how much his mother had liked Alexia and he gravitated to that.
“Just thinking of how much you remind me of, Kate,” She almost whispered his mother’s name but Dan grinned.
“A lot of people tell me that,” He smiled again, grateful for her complement. “I’d like to think I’m like her but in truth, no one is.” And Lexie nodded her agreement. It was true, no one had ever been like Kate.

Standing up, Alexia washed her cup and headed back out to the stables to settle Blackmist for the night, leaving dan with his memories of a woman he knew would not have approved of how his father ran this business.

Jasmine gently stroked kiara’s breast as they watched a documentary on Freudian theory. The two girls were strongly attracted to each other and only that day had Jasmine expressed her feelings toward Kiara. As they giggled gently, Jasmine’s lips caressed Kiara’s in a way she had longed to experience. Soft, silken lips moved in harmony with each other and the gentle flick of a tongue made the other feel excitement.

“Won’t your roommates be back?” Jasmine asked, pulling Kiara to her.
“Nah,” Kiara relaxed, frantically thinking of her revision session that night. A part of her did not want Jasmine to leave but she had finals the next week. “They party a lot and I think they’re all out with each other!” In truth, Kiara had no idea where any of her roommates were, nor did she care.
“Cool,” Jasmine kissed her again and the kiss slowly became heated. Pulling at Kiara’s shirt, Jasmine copped the girl’s breast in her hand and gently gave it a squeeze. The pleasure on the other girl’s face was immense and Jasmine continued.

“Caitlin, you here?” Lexie walked in as Kiara and Jasmine broke away from each other. She clapped her hand to her mouth and stared in astonishment. “I’m sorry, I didn’t, er, didn’t realise, well, I didn’t know you were gay!” Lexie couldn’t help it. the words came tumbling from her lips before she could stop them. “I mean, I, I mean, erm,” She rushed into her room and closed the door, feeling ashamed. Hot, red shame rose around her cheeks and her stomach felt like she’d just been on a ridiculously scary roller-coaster. Kiara? Gay? When? Alexia couldn’t remember kiara ever being with a guy but her naivety showed that Alexia assumed she liked men. Sitting on her bed, she tried to push the thought out of her head. What would Caitlin and Emily say?

In the living room, Kiara suggested Jasmine leave and feeling bad for her friend, Jasmine left, reassuring her it had to come out sooner or later. Flushing a dark pink, kiara lay her head in her lap. Why had Lexie acted like that? why did she have to make a big deal about it? So what? she liked girls! Was that such a bad thing! Why was it she should feel ashamed when Caitlin, Emily and Alexia paraded guys around all of the time. Why was it that just because Kiara liked a woman, it was suddenly a big deal? Tears of anger and confusion poured down her cheeks as she opened a text book, the only thing that seemed solid in her confusing life.

“what’s up?” Emily asked as she sat down at a small Mexican fast food joint on La cienega. The red head bowed her head in shame.
“Did you know Kiara’s gay?” Alexia asked, sipping an orchata. She had text Emily and asked her to meet her. Caitlin had been invited too but she was on a date according to her reply.
“What?” Emily’s eyes opened widely. “Really? No, I didn’t know!” Emily, who appreciated both men and women to look at had never considered Kiara to be gay. “How do you know?” Emily truly knew that Kiara wouldn’t have confided in Lexie for a second but she was curious how the other girl knew.
“I walked in on a make out sesh at home,” She said gloomily, putting a fry in her mouth. “all over each other they were!”
“Who was it?” Emily’s voice was quiet and so curious now as she struggled to comprehend that straight pin Kiara was indeed gay. It was wild for the girl who always studied and never went out.
“I don’t know, only saw the back of her head,” Lexie responded. “Crazy huh?”
“Well, women fancy other women all the time,” Emily joked light heartedly. It was the lightest she’d felt all day. even her shopping spree had struggled to raise her spirits. “But Kiara! Wonder where they met?”
“Has to be school,” Lexie put in. “I mean, she never goes anywhere.” And both girls sat in silence for a few moments, wondering about their friend’s new discovered secret.

As they walked along the pier, Caitlin felt like she was more content than she had ever been before in her life. Linking his arm, they stopped by the railings overlooking the ocean and smiled.
“The city looks beautiful!” He watched as the waves rose and fell elegantly, occasionally revealing small light dots on the water which he knew to be the millions of lights in the Los Angeles night’s skyline. “It makes you feel like the city’s never asleep.” He gazed up at the night sky and was just able to make out the moon. Holding her hand, he looked at her, wondering where life would take them and why it had so far brought her to him. He kissed her head gently and she looked up astonished but grinned.
“It’s been amazing getting to know you today,” She pulled him into a hug. “And i know you’re worried about how we’re going to continue this, but don’t worry! we will. I will make sure of it.” He kissed her lips gently in appreciation but a part of him wondered how that would happen.

“Caitlin!” a voice came from behind them and she turned. Emily and Lexie were walking on the pier with ice-creams in their hands. “Hey! How are you guys?” Emily smiled, having felt better since talking to Lexie about other people’s issues rather than worrying about her own.
“Good,” Caitlin hugged her friends and Callie wagged her tale wildly until they petted her.
“JC, you remember Emily? Well this is Alexia, also known as Lexie,” Caitlin introduced them and he gave Lexie a hug. She smiled approvingly.
“You guys should get some iced creams,” Emily suggested as they joined them to watch the ocean. The skies were dark overhead but the glowing lights all around the city made it feel light.
“I’ll go and grab some if you like, baby girl,” He had decided in his head that was what she was; his baby girl. Smiling flirtatiously and liking the sound of “babygirl” coming from his lips aimed at her, she nodded. “Here,” she offered ten dollars.
“It’s cool,” He kissed her gently on the lips and Em and Lexie held their giggles for when he had walked away.

“He’s so your type,” Emily put in glad for her friend. “You guys will be hot couple before you know it!”
“He is quite a gentleman. Where does he work?” Trust Lexie to ask a probing question like that. Caitlin smiled and was uncertain of what to say.
“He works on the streets,” Caitlin said quietly so as not to attract attention. lexie’s face grew stern but Emily jumped in to defend her friend.
“Well, he seems nice enough and we all have to do what we have to do in life,” and when JC returned with a strawberry ice cream for Caitlin, Emily and Alexia both noticed he was wearing red.

As Kiara sat in the living room, frantically going through her work, trying so hard to forget earlier experiences, Caitlin, Emily, Lexie and some guy came in. It was twelve thirty and all four of them had mcDonalds.

“I thought that guy was going to flip!” Emily laughed as they entered the living room.
“I know, he was like, I don’t want no trouble now,” JC mocked a man they had just encountered at McDonalds who was clearly afraid of JC. Caitlin had roared with laughter and so did Lexie while Emily tried to keep a straight face.

“Hey Kiara,” Caitlin greeted, being the only one not to know about the earlier incidence out of the roommates.
“Hey, Caitlin,” Kiara looked up, feeling like an outcast. “Hey, Em, hey Lexie. and?”
“This is JC,” Caitlin introduced him as she ate some fries and Callie wandered off to her bed, exhaustedly.
“Hi,” Kiara smiled gently and he returned the friendly gesture as he dug into a big mac. All four of the new arrivals crowded around the breakfast bar while Kiara quietly snuck away to her room undetected by the others for at least half an hour.

“Where did kiara go?” Emily looked up after JC had just been telling them about his cousin who had met snoop dogg a few years ago at a car wash who had accidentally dropped a tub of wax on the rapper’s toe. All four of them roared with laughter. He was a good story teller and Caitlin was becoming more and more fond of him each moment.
“Probably to ring her girlfriend,” Lexie growled in an undertone.
“What?” Caitlin laughed in shock. “Her what?”
“Shh,” Emily laughed gently. “Lexie walked in on her and another girl making out tonight,” Emily leaned over to tell Caitlin and JC as quietly as she could.
“Really?” Caitlin’s eyebrows rose in astonishment as JC’s eyes got wide with curiosity.
“That’s hot!” JC commented playfully as he looked at Caitlin, expecting a reaction, and he got one. She slapped his leg playfully and gave his hand a squeeze.
“That’s my roommate, asshole,” She joked with him and he laughed.

“Think its funny don’t you?” Kiara was there now and all four of them looked toward her. “I’m glad i was able to amuse you all tonight!” She glowered at Lexie then. “You just couldn’t keep your mouth shut, could you?”
“I didn’t think it was a big secret, Kiara,” Lexie retorted angrily, hating to be criticised. “i mean you were all over her in the living room, open for all to see. If you’d been in your room, then maybe you’d have a right to keep it secret. But flaunting it in the common living area, what do you expect?”
“I expect some respect from you!” Kiara raised her voice and Callie jumped out of her bed, trotting over to see what the yelling was about. “Instead,” Kiara continued. “You made a big deal out of it and then went and told these two!”
“She felt bad,” Emily defended Lexie then. “She knew she’d overreacted…” but Emily wasn’t able to finish her sentence.
“You’re so irresponsible with your own lives that you want me to run after you all, cleaning up, turning things off, being your alarm clock, it’s like I have no right to have a life or opinions of my own.”
“Hold up!” Caitlin spoke up now. “Clean up after us? Turn things off after us? I don’t need any of that or a fucking alarm clock! So don’t come and preach your shit when it ain’t true Kiara. I know you’re angry but you’re making a bigger deal out of this than we all were. If you were a little more open, then maybe it wouldn’t have come as such a shock! And I don’t mean it shocks me you’re gay, I mean it shocks me you never told any of us!”

Caitlin’s face was pink with anger. She had had enough of the stupid quarrels. It was time she spoke up.

“I don’t have to tell you everything!” Kiara snapped hard now. “It’s none of your fucking business!”
“No, that maybe so, but I thought we were friends,” Caitlin glared at her with sharp blue eyes and Kiara stared back, her eyes flashing black.
“how can we be friends with her?” Lexie exploded now and stood up. “How can anyone be friends with a obsessive clean freak, money scraping, studying all night and day, with no fun in her life kind of person?” Caitlin, Emily and JC gasped with shock and Kiara ran off to her room, tears flooding her face.

“Lex!” Emily was the first to speak.
“Well, it’s true!” Lexie stormed out of the house and drove to the stables.

“I think i better go,” JC took Caitlin’s hand and Emily left for her room.
“I’m sorry you had to see that!” Caitlin apologised miserably as she walked him outside, Callie following in quick pursuit.
“It’s fine,” He pulled her into his arms and kissed her head gently. “Thanks for tonight, Caitlin.”
“Thank you!” She turned her face up to the stars and they shared a passionate kiss before he left for Compton.

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