New Year New Start

So it’s a month into the new year and have I achieved anything I wanted to? Yes! I have begun everything I hoped too. I am waiting to hear back from the volunteer job I applied for and have also got stuck into my writing. it is not an easy task when I am so tired all of the time but trying to get that sorted out with the Doc. And no, no sleeping pills, I promise. heheheh

I have already scared myself this year so that is always fun. heheheheh. I have also made a lot of conscious decisions about my future and what I definitely want and think I need to see a careers advisor because I’m not sure which way to go at all. Just taking each day as it comes and hoping that I can be more confident in myself. I am getting better at that and I have decided, that no matter how others may perceive me, I am who I am and I will not change that for anything. The only crime I am guilty of is being me so I can only apologise for that and any other crime you think I have committed, think again. People need to remember that they don’t know me like they think they do. I will do anything to protect myself and those i keep close and when people find that out, they seem to find that hard to swallow. Before you judge me for the things I do or say, remember, you don’t know what I’ve been through and so you don’t know why I made that particular choice.

I dealt with a lot of stuff last year and I have learnt and relearnt some very valuable lessons. I trust very few people and future people will have to gain that trust. I have been screwed over too many times to take the risk of getting hurt.

But just wanna take this time to wish you all luck for 2009 and have fun. I intend to do so. I want my life back. The life I had in Cali and I am going to get that life back wherever I live. Fun, interesting and success,ful is what I want.
Talk soon

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