New year, New Start

So it’s 2009 and the first month is almost up. Have I achieved anything so far? Yes! I have. Nothing is a full gone conclusion but I’m definitely getting there. I’ve applied for my volunteer post and I am just waiting to hear back from them. I’m writing and trying to get somewhere with that. Creation is a slow process especially when you’re tired all of the time lol. and trying to sort out that little problem with the doc but we’ll see what happens.

I’m busy doing on the internet, it’s cool and I really enjoy it.

I’ve already scared the crap out of myself this year. So that’s always fun. I’ve made some conscious decisions about my future and I have decided that even if I am to perceived certain things, I actually don’t care. I am who I am and if you can’t deal with that then that is truly your problem. On the whole, I am a good person and whatever you think, just remember you don’t know everything I have been through to get to this point in my life so don’t question my actions when you don’t know the reasoning behind it. I’ll stand up for myself and sometimes people find that hard to swallow. I apologise for being me because that’s the only crime I’m actually guilty for. Stop prosecuting me for everything else.

I know who I trust and those people have earned that trust. I protect myself! Simple as that! Because if I don’t watch my own back, no one else will watch it for me.

But just wanna take this opportunity to say hope everyone’s 2009 is going good and have fun with life! That’s what I intend to do. Get my life back and get away from this dreary world of Shaw and venture into that big blue yonder. lol.


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