Random Thoughts Before Sleep

I couldn’t sleep last night so I reached for the Mac book and here is what I wrote.

So, I was lying here, trying to drift off and it occurred to me that how many things could be so different. Don’t get me wrong, I have zero regrets, I’m more of the belief that we learn from our experiences and shouldn’t dwell on what has been. But lying here and realising that if I’d achieved my first two years in Events at MMU, then I’d be half way through my third year and a dissertation on the subject. What would have come of that, I do wonder? But then it brings me to what has happened and that is for me so much more. I met Aaron at a college that otherwise I would not have attended and it’s very doubtful our paths would have met in any other circumstance. I guess it is the age old question, random chaos or pure fate? For me, I tend to lean more to the fate side of the argument; too many things have happened in my life to be pure coincidence. And then others have happened and I’m still trying to figure out why. I guess only time will tell. But funny how the paths we choose can affect our destiny!

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