What To Say?

OK, so I don’t really know what I want to say. All I know, is I felt like writing a blog. Have so much to say but not sure where to start.

Not been up to much, just waiting to hear back from the volunteer people at RNIB about working with them. And been hanging with Aaron all week, which as usual has been great! 🙂

Personal stuff has got to me and upset me greatly. And the fact that the people who cause the problems are the ones who keep asking me what’s wrong? I can’t be angry with some of them but it’s like, why do you care? You’re just making sure it’s not about you and why do people say hi if they don’t have much to say? I mean, sure occasionally, say hi and how are you? But if that’s all you gotta say every time you get on MSN, don’t bother! It’s wasting my time and yours.

Pretty much finished my Xmas shopping and feel good and excited about that. Almost got my outfit complete for the big double bday party and just need to sort out the accessories now I guess.

Ended up in A and E Friday night with a panic attack. Not that the doctors did anything. I was suffering with a fever conjoined with my other symptoms but Oldham hospital frankly couldn’t give a crap. so my Friday night was wasted in Oldham hospital. Bless Aaron and Bailey for waiting with me and being supportive. Thank you! 🙂 I love you both very much.

Just watching TV now and checking on the role play site every now and then. I feel a bit sad about Aaron going home tomorrow. We’ve had an excellent two weeks, even with the shit thrown at us from other people. I’ve had an enlightening couple of weeks from issues within my personal life and not going to talk about those here, too many people too close to those situations that I don’t feel like discussing this stuff with because frankly I’m tired of the bullshit that goes with them and their issues. Haha, that sounded coded but hey-ho.

So, it’s 11 happy months for me and Aaron and I’m looking forward to celelbrating the big one year with him next month! I could go all gushy and tell you all how much I love him and all that jazz, but I know you’ll all wanna reach for your sick buckets so I’ll spare you that one! heehee.

Talk soon!

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