November Update

So we’re in November again and I’m still here, still plodding along, still looking for work and still trying to make myself heard. I’m happy except I feel as though I have no purpose in this world. Bailey’s still my little best furry friend and Aaron and I are going strong, I think and hope. I sometimes get so worried and I feel so threatened but I know it’s my own stuff I gotta deal with. I think he thinks i’m a complete nutcase and wonder why he’s still with me sometimes. I love him with all of my heart and feel like I express myself too much. I know he says he likes it and hope he’s ok with it really. I know he loves me and sometimes feel like I worry too much.

Anyway, whatever happens will happen, I can’t do anything about it. I can’t help the way I feel, and I can’t prevent anything from happening. I just hope that things turn out how I would love them too. I guess I’m the only one who truly knows my heart and I can only be responsible for myself as anyone can be.

Done most of my xmas sopping and I’m looking forward to the festive season. I have so much hope and that scares me because usually at this point, my hopes are dashed!

Talk soon

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