Update for 08

Wow. I cannot believe how long it has been since i last posted on here. I am simply appalled with myself. lol. I have been posting blogs on facebook and I can’t remember if this blog is still being imported, so if it is I apologize to anyone who already knows the bs I’m going to say.

Well, let’s see. I attended RNC toward the end of last year and I went there with absolutely no expectations of anything. I’d come to a point where whatever happened, happened and was clearly meant to be. So, the second week of December I travelled down to hereford with Hannah and Bailey and a few things and settled into college life again. I quickly made friends, and got into a nice socialising group. I hadn’t ben there a week and I met a guy. I quickly began to like him, we hung out loads and soon, I asked him out. So, by Christmas I was in a relationship. I had no idea where it was going and I didn’t mind that at all. Whatever happened, was going to happen and I just took one day at a time.

I decided I wanted to stay on at the college and do the remedial therapy course and on my return to the college in January, that wish was granted. I began classes and I loved my tutor and new friends. For months, I sailed along quite happily, not just depending on the internet for social interaction and it made me feel more confident about myself again. Sure, there were dramas and somehow, i managed to land myself in the middle of some of them. But hey ho, shit happens right?

By June, I was feeling restless with my course and disheartened at how the college was changing around me. I was also gravely worried about my dad who had just been diagnosed with hypertension. Nevertheless, the good girl I am, I stuck out the year, got into a fight with some silly little bitch, who almost achieved her goal of breaking up at least one couple that year, my boyfriend and I. But we survived and headed to Halkadiki for a nice summer Holiday in July. He and i have been going strong and despite our ups and downs, we’re still together and very happy!

I still have the wonderful four-legged blondy aka Bailey Bops. lol. I love him very much and enjoy spending time with both of my boys.

I’m currently looking to do volunteer work and hopefully get a job within the charity sector. I love my life and I am going to do my best to make the most of the life I’ve got.

That’s it for now. I will write soon, I promise!

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