May as well be invisible

Why doesn’t a witch just come along and make me fucking invisible to the fucking world. May as well, because where it comes to it, that’s all I am. Some friends and all the famly all perceive me to be be invisible. Nevermind Marie, she’ll just go along with anything, tell her shit cos she’ll put up with it. Blame her because let’s face it she has no feelings. Have no fucking consideration for her because she’s not worth us worrying about her. shes just the blind kidk, sister, niece, cousin, friend. Those of you know who you are. Pick her up and drop her when it suits your social schedule and because of you all other people are getting my wrath. People have been blamed of doing shit that isn’t their fault. Because you talk shit on me, because you stab me in the back, because you use me,I am finding it near impossible to hold friendships. Very few people have my trust on any level. even people I thought I could trust have proven me wrong in the last few weeks. i could mention those who I trust and who I don’t, you know name and shame but I won’t. I can say this now, there are only 3 people I trust with my friendship and even them don’t get complete trust and funny how none of them are in my family isn’t it? There is only one being I trust more than anything and that’s Bailey. Pretty pathetic how I trust my dog more than family or friends isn’t it? Well that’s that, trust is shot and I’m sorry to those who keep getting the shit, I’m finding it hard to differenciate between trust worthy and good liars right now.

Just stop with the games, I’ve seen through most people and someone, who shall remain nameless has hurt me beyond belief this past week and the funny and truly ironic part is that she thinks I don’t know what she and others have done. Well, guess what, you can stop picking me up when you feel like it, I’m gonna be there for just one person now and that’s me. And if you don’t like it then you are more than welcome to blame those past and present who have caused my trust issues. Who knows, I may be able to trust one day but that day is not yet.

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