I have that many websites that I don’t know what to do with them any more and I think that accounts for my 2 month absence from Blogging.

So I went to california, and had an awesome time. It was amazing to see all my friends and hang out in places I hold very closely to my heart. While I was out there, it did confirm to me that yes one day I do want to live there but only when I have got my qualifications and I am qualified to teach. Spending time with Katie and Marissa and Marissa’s friends was awesome and seeing Claudia and Grace was just plain amazing. was standing at santa Monica, watching fire works one Sunday evening and I just know in my heart that is where I’m meant to be. Southern California holds everything for me. my friends, my oppotunities, my acceptance and my life.

So right now I’m working on getting back there and seing what I have to do in order to get a working visa. I just visited the Royal national College for the Blind in Hereford last week and although previously I refused any intregration with the blind community, I now see it is vital that I emmerse myself in it and embrace the fact that yes I am blind, yes I am different but only in positive ways. I am able to see past many people’s differences and embrace them for who they are. Don’t get me wrong, I still can be extremely shallow but my compassion for people in unique circumstances is well felt.

Bailey was very excited going down on the train and loved the place, meeting other guide dogs. I think he’ll have more fun than I will if I go. The situation is that i have to wait for funding to be approved in order for me to attend the college. So fingers crossed that happens soon.

What else? Well hoping to raise money for guide Dogs on Hallowene, that reminds me, must call guide dogs and ask how I get the buckets for collection. we’re dressing up and going on a pub crawl around the townand collecting money hopefully that way.

Hoping to start Xmas shopping soon, I know what you’re saying, we’re barely in October, but I am not leaving it until the last minute again. I hate the Xmas rush so that shall be commencing soon.

Not much else to say, i’ll update again soon. and sorry if people have read this stuff already I’m importing from this blog now and not my blind spot one as that is being imported to my V.I.P Central one.
Talk soon take care and all that jazz

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